madagascar tours
If you have been planning to go to Madagascar, the first thing you should know is that it is like nowhere else on earth. Most of the reasons why are due to its sheer isolation. Madagascar drifted apart from the African continent around 165 million years ago, meaning that its plant and animal life and finely tuned ecosystem have evolved away from external influences – in other words not much at all.

Mother Nature had a field day on Madagascar. Nearly all its species of reptiles and amphibians are unique, as are its flora and fauna. Madagascar is home to strange sounding (and often stranger looking) creatures like the aye-aye and indri – the largest living lemur who’s loud, piercing cries dominate the jungles cacophony.

As you probably know (at least if you have seen the Disney incarnation) Madagascar is famous for lemurs – in fact it’s the only place you’ll see these outrageously cute, wide –eyed primates outside a zoo. There are dozens of species, ranging from the mouse-sized dwarf lemur to the agile sifaka, the long-leaping lemur and the aforementioned indri. Then there are chameleons, geckoes, turtles and tortoises.

The skies are filled with exotic birds such as vangas and crested couas whilst the rice paddies that blanket the island are magnets for flamingos, ibises and herons. In short, Madagascar is a once in a lifetime destination – where natural beauty, an unparalleled array of wildlife and fascinating history converge – a sum that will make the even the most world-weary traveler weep with joy.

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