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Kenya contains almost every known land form from true glacial ice to arid desert, mountain massifs to rich savannahs, large lakes and dense forest: Mount Kenya (5,199 m.) with its breathless snow capped peaks stands sentinel above rolling grassland plains and the fascinating semi-deserts are much further to the north; Lake Victoria, largest in Africa; Lake Turkana now known as the “Cradle of Mankind”; the Indian Ocean coast, a place of white sandy beaches, turquoise seas and archaeological antiquities…
For the traveller, Kenya is an enchanting country as few places in the world can better its varied touristic attractions: the overwhelming appeal of the wildlife sanctuaries, glorious beaches, breathtaking scenery in a vast and unspoilt land, an almost perfect climate, sophisticated accommodation and a hospitable happy people.|

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A select number of day tours, activities and adventures is integral part of Hallmark Travel Planners brief in Kenya. As leaders in this field of Africa Travel, the team in charge of day tours in Kenya works at innovation, ensuring that all your interests and expectations are met, if not surpassed. We operate schedule day tours to young and old.   Hallmark Travel Planners is legally authorized to operate by the Tourism Regulatory Authority of Nairobi,  Kenya (see our license here).  Hallmark Travel Planners  is  also a proud member of Kenya Association of Tour Operators (KATO)  – view details here.

We offer memorable private day tours and activities that transform a great trip into an extraordinary one. Working tirelessly to run half-day and full day tours in select premier points of attractions in Kenya,  Hallmark Travel Planners also constantly explores new options so as to ensure guests enjoy fresh, innovative tours and off-the-beaten track ideas.

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