Magical Wildlife Safaris and Holidays to Kenya

Kenya is the original home of the original, classic safari holiday. For the traveler, Kenya is an enchanting country as few places in the world can better its varied touristic attractions: the overwhelming appeal of the wildlife sanctuaries, glorious beaches, breathtaking scenery in a vast and un-spoilt land, an almost perfect climate. Add modern and  sophisticated accommodation in form of safari lodges and camp,  and a hospitable happy people, and you have a holiday paradise.  Simply perfect for a safari vacation.

There are well over sanctuaries set aside for wildlife and conservation: Kenya has 25 National Parks, devoted to the absolute protection of the indigenous flora and fauna; Add the 29 National Reserves, where wildlife has coexisted, from time immemorial in perfect harmony with the pastoral/nomadic tribes.

These wild and lovely wildlife sanctuaries vary in the abundance and variety of their animals, in scenery, in climate and altitude; from the famous savanna of Masai Mara to the ornithological paradise of Lake Nakuru.

Kenya, as a holiday destination,  contains almost every known land form from true glacial ice to arid desert, mountain massifs to rich savannas, large lakes and dense forest: Mount Kenya (5,199 m.) with its breathless snow capped peaks stands sentinel above rolling grassland plains and the fascinating semi deserts are much further to the North; Lake Victoria, the first lake to be discovered and largest in Africa; Lake Turkana now known as the “Cradle of Mankind”; the Indian Ocean coast, a place of white sandy beaches, turquoise seas and archaeological antiquities…

Sample Inspirational Kenya Safari Holidays