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Historically, Malindi dates back to the 9th Century with Arab occupation from the 13th Century onwards.  A rich trading centre with the near East with Arabic influence for more than 500 years, Malindi is now a popular beach resort, 18 kms south of the ancient town, surrounded by the Sokokwe Forest, is situated the lost City of Gedi whose inhabitants inexplicably vanished over 300 years ago.

The original Vasco Da Gama cross sits at the entrance to the bay and commemorates the explorer’s visit to Malindi. The ruins at Gedi also highlight the rich cultural history that characterizes the northern coastal region. Gedi was a thriving city state from the 13th to the early 17th centuries, although the exact history of the region is somewhat sketchy. Relics found indicate that it was once a trading port of some wealth. Ruins include tombs, a mosque, numerous houses, and remains of a palace.

Malindi  and Watamu Days Tours
Malindi offers varied attractions to tour on your beach trip, from fishing, snorkeling and scuba diving at its marine park to day touring the prime hot spots like the Vasco de Gama Pillar and more.

And, whether your activity of choice is water sports, marine explorations, visiting historical and cultural sites,  Watamu offers a range of tour experiences.  From Watamu, we also recommend that you visit the 14th-century archaeological site of Mnarani Ruins and the Arabuko Sokoke Forest. You can also golf, quad bike and horse ride at Vipingo Ridge.

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