Gorillas and Other African Primate Safaris

The endangered mountain gorillas have to be one of the most awe inspiring attractions of these countries; tracking these amiable primates through dense forest is one of the most spine tingling experiences of wildlife viewing.  Often tracking for hours, when you finally come across them in the dense Africa forests all thoughts of fatigue disappear… a truly remarkable experience.  Tracking the mountain gorillas can also be combined with the savanna game of Chimpanzees of Kyambura Gorge and Kibale forest, and the tree climbing lions of Ishasha.

Moving further south from the Atlas towards the Congo Basin, you find the forest elephant and lowland gorillas while the pristine rain forest of Gabon given you the exceptional chance to see the lowland gorillas. Further bird-watching safaris in Senegal.  This is  before moving on to the escarpment and plateau of the Bale and Simien mountains where you find the  gelada baboon, wail ibex and the endemic Ethiopian wolf.

Chimps, Gorillas,  Cats  and  the Great  Rift Valley

From the north  the Mediterranean, enter Rwanda and Uganda, the territory of apes and primates. Here the   mountain Gorillas claim the high ground, while the Great Rift Valley is seen at its most majestic in the volcano-pimpled plains of the Serengeti-Mara. The Great  Rift Valley lakes are renowned as hotspots of huge  biodiversity, and none more so than  Lake Tanganyika and Lake Malawi with their endemic communities of colorful cichlid fish.

Chimpanzees are also found in forests along the shores of Lake Tanganyika – Gombe Stream National park, while the vast virgin wilderness reserves of Selous and Ruaha in southern Tanzania promise some of Africa’s best wildlife safari experiences, with high standard of guiding.

The same is true for Zambia’s Luangwa Valley where you will be led through beautiful scenery on unforgettable walking African safaris.  Kenya remains a contender for the enviable position of number one destination for African Wildlife safaris – offering great destinations