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The Pearl of Africa – Uganda

The Beauty of Uganda Blends Wildlife, Culture and Landscape… Unbeatable!

As soon as you step off the plane the country immediately gives a good impression: well-maintained roads with immaculately clean verges. A huge array of greens, mixed with the terracotta red of the soil, is easy on the eye. The capital, Kampala, is a handsome city, set among seven hills, with a range of comfortable hotels, al fresco eating places, lively nightlife and a fine public garden. The surrounding towns, while not high on tourist attractions tend to have a modest colonial centre, bustling markets and historical and cultural interest provided by burial grounds of the kings.

Most travelers, however, visit for two main reasons – the gorillas and whitewater rafting. Neither is particularly cheap – both, however, are unforgettable experiences.

Uganda is a land of breathtaking contrasts. Right from the border with Kenya in the east to that with the giant Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) in the west, the landscape and vegetation can be described as a kaleidsocope of tantalising beauty. Winston Churchill, one of the United Kingdoms great historical figures, summed Uganda in 4 words: The Pearl Of Africa.

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