Described as the jewel of the Kalahari, a watery Eden, the Okavango Delta is a tranquil and isolated oasis set in Botswana’s harsh and arid desert. The Okavango is a labyrinth of Lagoons, Lakes and hidden channels covering an area of 17,000 square km and the largest inland delta in the world. Palms and towering trees abound, throwing their shades over crystal pools, forest glades and grassy knolls.
Famous for the Safari tours, Okavango Delta safaris will take you to a unique and utterly enthralling destination- with one of the greatest concentrations of wildlife in Africa, and the beauty is that it is basically a year round destination for safaris. It is also unique safari destination as you can view much of the wildlife from a traditional canoe, a Mokoro.
The lure of Okavango and its extraordinary range of habitats provide the perfect environment for African animals to thrive and people to watch them. Great herd of Antelope, zebra, buffalo and elephants roam the pastures, and lions, leopards, cheetahs and all the other carnivores prosper. The Delta is a breeding ground for several hindered species of birds, including many migrants, who visit from November to March, making the area a bird-watchers dream destination. It is not uncommon to see hundreds of members of one species, in a morning.
Although fishing can take place anywhere in the Delta, if one wants it “big, mean and fierce”, the deeper and faster waters of the major fishing camps in the north of Delta, are probably the better area. The Delta has a number of lodges and camps, many of which are in private concessions, bordering the park, therefore walks and mokoro excursions are the order of the day- and there is possibly no better way to experience nature than on the tranquil waters of this magnificent place. Fishing, bird-watching, game viewing, photography or simple relaxation; including any of these in Okavango are experiences without parallel and the safari camps specialize in these pursuits.
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