Group and Incentive Travel to Kenya – Tips for enhancing your experience

Group and Incentive Travel to Kenya

Kenya is natural choice of a wildlife safari.  Kenya offers some of the most beautiful and finest, yet natural attractions in the whole world.  If you combine this with a network of first class hotels and lodges, you or your visitors certainly enjoy great value for your money.   There is absolutely nothing in terms  sounds, sights and smells that compares with the what you will experience in Kenya.

Quality Incentive and Group Travel Experience

Even a simple wildlife safari in Kenya, without any additions, is in itself a grand affair – enough to remain in your memory for a life time.  In fact, a single visit to Kenya needs nothing else added to justify its awe-inspiring and rich memory.   But even then, the quality of  that experience could still be enhanced tremendously a million times over to make it a unique experience.  There are unlimited, inexpensive and value added inclusions, virtually in every area  of your trip, that could achieve this effect. This is more so, for that special incentive trip, convention or congress or any group travel you could be arranging.

Generally. these extras and additions could start off as simply as  having a  superior accommodation within the same accommodation unit – an upgrade to a suite from a standard room,  or to a  sea-facing room  etc. Or a  sun downer at the end of  the day  or a bush dinner in the wilderness. You could have a private gala dinner with a live band in performance.  Simply endless possibilities.

Specific  examples may be of help. For instance, on international arrival, a band of traditional dancers, either at the Airport or at the  check-in at the Hotel might be an excellent jolt into the reality of Africa, where dancing and taking a moment to enjoy and even join-in is not only the essence but a custom.

Innumerable Incentive group activities

In Nairobi, innumerable options could leave one entirely dazed  – an out of Africa dinner at the Karen Blixen Museum has been  acclaimed as a highlight to many a farewell diners.  As rule of rule thumb, it is unusual when at least a lunch or dinner is not included at the famous game meat restaurant, The Carnivore.

On Safari, the options are even wider  – half a day’s treasure hunt if properly organized can create a great sense of purpose and team building for participants.  An equator Ceremony at Mount Kenya is mind boggling and a must for the curious and those in quest of ‘an additional theory’ to take home.    A sun downer, in the vast Africa open plains, maybe overlooking the great Mara/Serengeti Plains, might be a helpful insight to the sense of time and space, African style.  A bush meal, especially dinner, is travel back in time, and nothing could get one as close to nature, the sounds of African jungle, the roar of a lion close by, the hyenas howling in the periphery…..

Hot Air Balloon

Then the per excellence experience in the bush, available in Maasai Mara,  is an early morning Hot-Air balloon ride over the plains, forests and rivers of this expansive game area. Lions, Elephants, Buffaloes, Hippos, Crocodiles and prolific numbers of plains game are regularly seen, as are countless species of birds both in flight and atop their lofty perches in the trees.  The flight lasts about an hour, with ample opportunities for  photography and video filming from this unusual and often exciting perspective.  After landing there is a traditional champagne toast, followed by a breakfast cooked on balloon burners in the middle of the rolling plains.  Each passenger is presented with a certificate signed by the pilot to commemorate the flight.

On the East African Coast, the options are breathtaking and as plentiful, some of these towns have cultural and  archeological riches that date back to the seventh century. This is besides the wide selection of sea food restaurants, dhow safaris  and the rich marine life.

One cannot list all the possible add-ons that could make your group travel better. But a reliable safari outfitter should be able work hold your hand as you plan the tour and add the appropriate ingredients that  will be make everything worth your while.

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